Learning Log 6

Aw, this is my last blog for our INFOSEC Class 😥 so sad. Huhuhu. But before we make dramas (haha) let’s just talk about our last lesson and also our Final project. Hahaha these two topics was the most interesting idea that I will share to you! 🙂 Yay!

Well, honestly when we first discuss about Physical Security, I think that topic was boring huh. I don’t think that it’s an interesting one. Haha when the first slide of Sir Infosec’s ppt  viewed in class, and I found out that’s slide was interesting na kahit unang slide pa lang (Sir di ako nagbibiro hehe) That’s slide is about a car na nahulog sa may ginagawang kalsada ng sa unahang gate ng APC. Hahaha wow, when I think about a questions……. “why these things are important?, “why we need to study this kind of stuffs?” “pero interesting siya ah” “bakit nga ba kelangan?” Sobrang I’m so excited bakit nga ba these things are important. Well, as what I learn na kahit na okay yung network mo or the application security tools mo, the data are still on risk kapag di okay si physical. 😉 Grabe I just realized na sobrang importante rin pala neto.



Okay,  I will also share to you what was our Final Project all about. Today was our presentation of the project which is Snort and it is your simple Intrusion Detection system or IDS for short. What is an Intrusion Detection System you ask? It’s a tool that sniffs the traffic that is trying to connect to the network. It is placed right beside the firewall or behind the firewall because if it is placed in front of the firewall, it will sniff out and alert all the traffic that occurs. It can sniff out the traffic which the firewall didn’t detect and block. It is only an alert system, meaning that it only alerts the user or the admin, it has no capability of blocking the traffic that is ongoing. Its alert can be customized in the rules file which you can specify what protocol is to be the trigger for the alarm, what IP address and what port for the network, and what message should be displayed if the said alarm is triggered.

Our group present our topic well. I learned a lot on this subject but also I learned a lot with my group mates. I really want to speak in front of the class when we’re discussing the topic 😦 so sad but it’s okay. Our leader stated and discussed our project excellently!! Yay! (Neks nemen) I learned to study our topic on my own, and ask a help to my group mates if I didn’t understand what I’m doing, hahaha. Our friendship stay strong, though we’re only four and loner sa classroom everyday 😦 haha joke ♥ we’re happy naman!! hihi :*

Thanks for helping us to learn and understand the lessons well Sir Justin! Thanks din po sa patience na ginigive mo samin every day na kahit minsan we’re so maingay and makulit. This subject will be a great help for us!!!! YAY





Learning Log 5

Well, palapit na ng palapit ang pagtatapos ng klase at malapit ng malaman ang katotohan ng ating mga marka. 😛 Charot!! These two weeks, we have a lot of lessons discussed! Wooo! 🙂 Honestly, these is one of my most favorite discussion!!! I REALLY REALLY LIKE THESE LESSONS SO MUCH 🙂 Because I understand it very well!! WOW! Thank God for that!! (hehe)


We have so many topic discussed, but today I will just share you about what is my fave topic these past 2 weeks :))) that’s always in my mind (Huh?) It’s just that this topic is yung topic na kapag tinanong sayo or nakita mo somewhere or whatever you’ll just say na “Ay oo ayan yung……” :)))) Yay!!!

So many chikkas 😛 sorry. Now let’s start about what I learned…. Hehe. The Broadcast domain and Collision domain, well a broadcast domain is the number of all devices which will receive the broadcast packet while the collision domain is the number of chances that a collision may happen. Well, maybe you’re thinking what is the use of knowing these?! The importance if these is that the person can know how many occurrence of collision and broadcast domain happens in the network! 😉 Odiba!! Bongga! Hahahahaha.


The second topic that really understand in the lesson is that “What is a firewall? what is the importance of it? Ahuh:) A firewall is network that controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on a set of rules. And the importance of this is that, to prevent any un trusted connections from connection to the network. It is used to block most of the un trusted sites to keep the network safe from outside attack or any infiltration that may cause the network to be damage. With the use of firewalls, attack and sites with malicious intent from the internet are blocked so that the network will continue to function well. These firewalls act as a security for the designated network


Additionally, I enjoyed our recent activity which is Implementing Access Control and Local Security. Grabe!! In this acivity, Sir Infosec gave us the instruction on what and how we will do about it. The links, instruction and all. But its not that easy for me because, di lang talaga ikaw magpipipindot, but also kelangan mong matutunan ang lahat ng mga ginagawa mo for the sake na maayos at successful ang pag follow mo. Haha this activity is so awesome!! This will be a great additional knowledge for us to share with other and to learn things like this! Yay!!!! But take note na you need to LISTEN AND LISTEN AND LISTEN to your professor so that you will really understands the topics!!! YAY! =)

That’s all for today! Goodbye! 😉


Week 7 | 8 Learning Log

This is my entry for the week 7 and week 8 learning log our first week, week 7, we only learned a few things since it was College Week XD but i remembered some things that Sir Justin said. It was about Cryptography. In the week 7, it was briefly said but after College Week, it was discussed. Its about the art of securing messages, data, anything for unwanted eyes.


Basically speaking, its about protecting information by using techniques which are made specifically for hiding information. Its being used by companies, the military, any organization which doesn’t want anybody to see their information. There are many variations of techniques to hide that information. We have the RSA technique which uses two prime numbers that can be used to result into a public key and by using the public key, it will become a private key. These keys hold the power to encrypt data and to decrypt it.encryption

Before moving on to the next technique that i have learned, I was reminded of the two important things that can help to improve the encryption of the data. Its diffusion and confusion, and with those two, you can create an encryption which is hard to decrypt or to crack. Diffusion is when the plaintext is disperse and confusion is about randomizing the order so that decrypting the data will be much harder. Plaintext is the data which holds the information. It is used from the start to be encrypted and when you decrypt it, it results into the plaintext. I also learned that there is no unbreakable encryption and a public access encryption is much stronger than a private one because if the encryption code of the public access is cracked, it would be improved so that it won’t be cracked again.

The other encryption technique is the Diffie Hellman technique, which I think that its awesome, because eventhough some third party character is listening on your conversation with another person, you can still create a key by the end of the conversation without the third party character knowing it. Isn’t that awesome? Shocked

With this technique, the information is more secured because the hacker cannot get the keys, but it has a problem. Its about the authentication issue that sir mentioned, but its not really a problem because its just the third party character listening to the other end of the conversation, portraying as the other person. The people who started the conversation could just start all over again, creating another set of keys. Overall, I think that the discussion about cryptography really explained how things work in the encryption of data 🙂 Thanks for reading!! 🙂

Week 5 | 6

Waah! We’re here now! For me these weeks seems like very relaxing. Why? Because in our class time, you’re not forced to attend class because every group has designated time to report and it’s up to you if you want to listen or attend class. It seems like that there’s no activities to do… BUT these weeks are super duper INTENSE to the highest level. 😛Shocked

As what I’ve said earlier, there’s designated time to report your partial Machine Project and your Case Study about your group’s topic. These was really intense because our group pass our Case Study at 11:58pm I think. Because we’re really revising and revising and revising our paper. We’re not that confident to pass our case study saying “Ipasa na natin, Ayan na lang, Malalate na bahala na”. Our group is not like that. Haha that’s why muntik na kaming malate sa mismong time ng pasahan. Our group is really not a ‘perfect’ group. Because we really have mistakes, arguments all the time and sometimes were ‘tamad’ to finish our project 😛 But after all this time, we did our very best to present our case study!  Yay! Thank you Lord!


Well, we discuss about the Machine Project of our group just the partial. Migs talk about it and show what is to be discussed. Reporting in front of Sir Infosec was very nakakakaba even though he’s the only one watching 😛 haha all of the members of our group was discussed about every points that is ask in the criteria. Woooh! AJA! Our case study is about, driverless car. Honestly, I am not really familiar of this. Haha but these kinds of cars exist na pala. And I didn’t know about it 😦 Thank God to this Case Study 🙂 I learned a lot!! Well, we point out hacking in this study. And each of us, elaborate what is about this kinds of car.


After all this efforts and puyats, yay! We finished reporting!! Yay!! FINALS NA 🙂


The end…

Week 3 | Week 4

Well this week, we had a lot of activity and all of us are excited and doing are best on what we will share to them. We have a debate and each group has with different topics. You need to prove or defend your side!


In this part of Activity, I really had fun in defending our side 😛 Bwahahaha. We’re government side, and good for us because we have cooperation. We study our topic before the debate, and we talk about what we will going to do if we are on the opposition side or in the Government side. But first of all, our topic is about “Should Piracy for educational purposes be illegal?” We had a lot of conversation about what we will going to do, what will be our strong point to defend our topic, what are the best way to point out the things about the topic. Well, before the debate, our group discussed that if we were in the opposition side the reason that we will point out are:

1. Education is anyone’s right and it is free.

2. Budget issues in the Philippines especially on Public Schools.

3. Not available in the Philippines.

We also had our reasons /points if we will going to be in  the Government side.

1. NO ONE is  above the law.

2. Hurts the companies and hurts the people actually paying for it!

3. Risk of Dangerous Computer Viruses.

Yes that’s our point. Luckily, our side during the debate was Government, and we study our side before the fight. Huh? Fight daw? lol


One of my favorite topic in the discussion of some other group’s debate was the “China Censorship be implemented in the Philippines ” and the “”Cybersex with consent should be legal “. In the Chine Sensor ship,   I think that we shouldn’t follow the censorship like China because our freedom will get restricted and we will not have the freedom to access information to the sites that we want to go. Look at China, they can fabricate stories and articles or even news in the outside world since they control what the people can and cannot access. We should not follow the censorship ban like China, it would just limit our freedom and many will revolt against it!

And in Cybersex….. Cybersex even with consent still holds potential danger. It can be an industry and its a fact that you cannot get any sexual transmitted diseases from cybersex but legalizing it because the users have consent still holds potential dangers that can harm the users. Blackmail is a possibility where the user is blackmailed because of showing the user’s body to another user. He or she could record the ongoing live cam or take shots of the user who is involved. Next one is that anyone can listen and even watch the transaction of cybersex between two people just by hacking and connecting to their connection. Its a threat since the users are unaware that somebody else is watching. And the last threat is that when cybersex with content is legalize, some may abuse the law to some degree.


That’s all for this week. We’re moving on to the next part! Wohoooo!! Leggo! Let’s do this. AJA.




Week 1 | Week 2

New lesson, new beginning! I noticed that in our 2 or 3 weeks of discussion, we had a lot of lessons tackled. It was good for us to learn a lot and discover new ideas and topic. I know that we will have a lot of weeks of our discussion and it will help us to know more about security etc. Wow!


                                             Honestly, for me this was also really a difficult subject. (Hmmm kinda) It was really hard for me to easily gets the lesson 😦 huhu I can say na “magulo ang utak ko” magulo when I was in the class. 😦 Why!? Ugh huhu ……. but when I was skimming our lessons at home…. I was like….. “AHHH. Ayun lang pala yun.” “Ganun pala.” Well, let’s now start!!! 🙂


                                            So first…. What is INFOSE? INFOSEC or Information Security is about the study of protecting data and information so that no intruders can access it, only the allowed people can access it. Infosec is similar to IT security but it is still different because Infosec is the general term of securing and protecting information while IT security is a focus on Information Technology security. Other than that we’ve also learned about the CIA or Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. Confidentiality is the protection from intruders, Integrity is proctecting the information from unwanted changes and modifications and Availability is the protection against denial of service. We also learned about the Defense in Depth. The middle part being the Data, which information and data lies, the Application, which can manipulate and change the data, the Host, the person who controls the application, the Network which protects the data from intruders from the net, Operational, which are certain rules to be observed, and finally Physical which is your basic checking of bags and CCTV for security. Each part is essential and has a roll to play in the protection of the data.


                                            Well, for me I need to study more and more and more!! UGH I NEED TO LEARN!!!

That’s all for my first blog!! Bye 🙂