Learning #6

On today’s work, finally Sir Justin returned!!! We are going to present to him the two cases that we analyzed and created. He gave his opinion regarding the cases of each group and he commented what should be added and what should be removed.

Moving on, on the next meeting we had a new lesson about Auditing and Baselining and as usual we had an activity about it. We used two useful tools regarding with the topic. The first one is the Belarc and the other one is the CCleaner. Auditing talks about how manually or systematically measures the technical assessment of a system or application itself. While the baselining is a method to identify, and implement computer security measures in an organization. It also aims to achieve an adequate and appropriate level of security for electronic devices within the security infrastructure.

For me, the importance of this is to improve the security significantly and useful for the infrastructure itself.


Learning Log #5

In this day, we didn’t have a discussion but we have an activity regarding to mobile security of an Apple Device.  This activity was kinda difficult since we need to find out all the passwords that the user kept in his/her device. In this subject, we have three groups that need to help each other how to find the locations of the passwords and act as Quick Response Team (naks). We were imagining that there was a deadline to find out the passwords. As soon as Sir started the clock, we were on our way to explore the storage of the Apple Device. Unfortunately, we ran out of time of time within our class period. But when I went home, I started my computer right away and continued our search for the passwords. It wasn’t easy at first but when I thought clearly, I was able to think the possible or the critical paths that contains the passwords. Luckily, I found them all within the day!! YAS!

On the next week, Sir Justin was not around because he had to attend the Research Conference at Cebu City. (Go Sir WOOH!!!) And there was a substitute teacher, that was going to handle us. So we had an activity again to do. With my partner, we need choose two cases which were the Wilner v. NSA case and the other one is the Social Networking and 4th Amendment. Me and my partner were finished it early and send it to Sir Justin right away! 😊