Learning Log 1

Hello there! This is my first Learning Log for Evidence. These two weeks we had already discussed a lot of topics and I’m glad that I easily understand the lessons without destruction 😛 (char) I’m also glad that I took this subject because this is also an advantage to my major. Hihi

And yes…. enough for my papansin introduction. So to start of, in the first week or our discussion we reviewed about Legal issues which we already discussed in INVESTI and COMSEC2. One thing that I noticed to myself is that, I forgot some of the terms in this topic. Oh no Joanna! GRR. But some lang naman…. but I still need to review it! After that we move on to the “Privacy” topic which on our INVESTI we had a case in Apple vs FBI. So moving on.. we had a new topic under this lesson which is the Philosophical Viewpoints. I know to myself that it is easy to understand, because for example when we talk about “Privacy  as Control over Information” It is obviously means that the data or the information should not disclosed to a third party right? All of the viewpoints discussed is easily to understand because of the word used in the points. In Tagalog – maiintindihan mo na yung meaning sa title kahit di mo pa nababasa yung meaning. 😛 All we need to do is to know those five viewpoints by heart! In this lesson, I’m still confused on the types and standards of evidence. In some point nababaliktad ko. 😛 I need to be careful on that.

In our second meeting, we moved on to the Procedures for Computer Forensics. In this lesson, we all know that this is familiar to us, since the topic is most likely discuss on our previous major subject. Honestly, in our case study in this topic. Mej mahirap saken tho alam ko na ang mga gagawin maybe some of the points in the article ay di ko naintindihan. But I will do my best na we will come up with the best answer sa case na to. Yay!

In these weeks, Sir EVIDENCE asked us to take a certification exam in Cybrary coz it’s free. All we need to do is to study. Hahaha. Sayang libre din yun. 😦