Learning Log 2

This week we continued our discussion about BCP or also known as Business Continuity Planning. Basically, this topic is related to a plan which states that if ever a disaster occurred, how would the business survive and continue its operations. Unlike the DRP which is the Disaster Recovery Plan that focuses on the safety of the people or the employees of the company, the BCP wants still run and maintain the business. In this topic, we have some computations about how much would it cost to implement a Business Continuity Planning and how much would the company lose if a disaster occur.

In our activity, we continued the computations about the Case Study that was given to us. Well at first, I was confused on what we were going to do, because in the example there are a lot of values given and I don’t what I will going to do first if it is ALE, SLE etc. But before the nigh ended, we already finished the activity.

So what is the purpose of studying this Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Plan? For me, Business Continuity Planning is useful since if we were to graduate (naks) and we were ask to design a plan where in the company could survive even if there are many existing risk out there. With BCP for the company, they would be prepare if the disaster occurred. If a Disaster Recovery Plan is implemented for the company, there is an assurance that the employees are safe and sound.

Our recent discussion is about Legal Investigation and Computer Forensics, which we already discussed in INVESTI Class. I forgot some of the terms that we discussed. But honestly, this topics was one of my favorite topics because it is very interesting to learn about Investigation thingy whether it is related to Digital Forensics or not. One thing that always put in my mind was the Computer Forensics Methodology because it is the most important when you’re conducting an investigation when you’re in a Forensic Team.





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