Learning Log 1

Welcome COMSEC2!

Last two weeks, we had discussed our first topic in this course which is the “Risk Management”. When I heard about risk, I think about something wrong or something bad that was happened. I’m glad that our first topic this term is not really hard to understand.

When we talked about Risk Management, it simply focuses on risk analysis and mitigation. First I think you need to be familiarize in security concepts which are the CIA – Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. These are very important security concepts that are being used as a basis for any security. With CIA or Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability in mind, attacks and unwanted forces could be prevented. Well, most of the terms we’ve discussed here in Risk Management was discussed in our INFOSEC Class, that’s why it is easier to us to catch up in this topic. Next is the, I AAA or Identification, Authentication, Authorization and Accountability protects the system because someone unwanted could bypass and enter the system if this is not implemented properly. Identification states that you are claiming something, while Authentication double checks if what you are saying is true.

One of my favorite part in this topic was the computation of Risk Analysis and when we are going to rank about what risk should be prioritized the most. Risk Analysis is not only important but also very useful when you are trying to maximize the given resources for the risk management. Let’s say that a certain company hired you to do a risk analysis and you should give them options on what to do on these risks. Since there are limitless combinations of risk existing, it’s from this point that risk analysis and risk calculation is useful and important. With risk analysis, you could prioritized certain risk and with risk calculation you could prove that the risk is a danger to the company. With such techniques used in the industry, many companies are now safe from some risk but not all of them

In our first group activity, all of us was able to cooperate and participate in our case study, it we finished it early yay! It shows that all of us in our group was really understand what we’ve discussed. This topic will be a great help for us. Not only for the sake to pass the subject but to really understand it by heart 😛 that will be used in our future jobs/ works! Yipee!!