Learning Log 6

This time we had a new lesson about Understanding Hard Disks and File Systems. I don’t even know that this lesson will be part of our Investigation when we handle computer parts and physical part. This is important because to avoid any tampering of the evidence since the slightest touch or the mishandling of the device may result to damages. I also learned about the parts and how the hard drive works 😛 One of its part is Platter, as I’ve read it is a magnetic or ceramic disk that control or hold the actual data. The other one is the Track where in track numbering happens. Track Numbering begins at Track 0 then moves towards then goes to the center of the platter. And in the part of the hard drive there’s what we call the Sector, which is the smallest physical part. There’s also a cluster which is the smallest allocation naman. Wait there’s also a Slack Space, which refers to the free space on the cluster basta siya yung naleleft behind tsaka matatanggal lang yon pag inoverwrite pati idisk wipe ganern. In addition to what I’ve read in computerhope.com, Slack space is important form of evidence in the field of forensic investigation because slack space can contain relevant information about a suspect that a prosecutor can use in a trial. So that’s just a part of what we’ve discussed! 😉


In addition to this entry, I just want to share about our Final Project!!! WOOOOOO FINALLY WE’RE DONE! Our project is about BeEF (Browser Exploitation Framework) Ang cool niya swear! #FeelingHacker Well, I will not further discuss it because I included it on my last entry! 😉 I also liked group of Salazar’s Final Project because it’s a Social Engineering Tool wher in you could launch many different kinds of attacks like Spear Phishing, Creating a Payload and listener and  Arduino Based Attack Vector (WOW Flexible 😛 ) etc…



One thing that I noticed about myself is that I have weakness that I need to conquer (lol), I’m afraid to talk and recite on class L I always think that my answers are wrong. (I’m too shy to answer what my prof is asking) But honestly when I’m not in class I always wanted to try everything that is related to security and hacking! Need to face your fears Joanna.…..





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