My learning log entry #5, which is this entry, I will be telling you about the usage  of AutoIt as well as the exercise  that we’ve done. AutoIt, an script editor which you could write scripts that automates programs or any process that is in the confinement of the Windows operating system environment. We had to build a malware that will do a specific process that could either pose a threat to the user or damage the system. This malware is decided among team members and they have to settle what kind of malware should be used as a model of research and development. We decided to go for ransomware since we all though it was unique since it first encrypts the files of the infected computer and it asks for payment so that a key would be given to the user to give him/her the right to unlock his/her computer again. We found out that many people fall to this malware and most of them choose to check first if the worth of the files inside of the computer is worth more than the price for the key. There are two optimal solutions for the ransomware problem. That is to pay for the key or to reformat the drive and completely remove the virus. I had read some articles and some people are victimized by this malware and they seek help for the cure of the ransomware. We imitated the movement of the ransom ware and came up with a design and the needed features so that our malware could be considered as a ransomware.


But enough of the viruses and malware, I want to talk about scanning. There are 3 types of scanning; Port, Network and Vulnerability scan. All 3 of the scan types have different usages. Port scan is to scan for available and open ports, Network scan is to check if there are any active host in the network and last but not the least, Vulnerability scan is done to check if there are any weaknesses in the network. I learned that these scans are important in my profession since in the future when I have a job, I know that I need to check the network infrastructure before making it more secure. Not only did we scan for the exercise, we also used a browser which is famous among those who want to stay anonymous in the community and that is the Tor browser. Tor browser directs internet traffic and hiding the original IP address of the user by switching the IP address very quickly so that the host will not be detected by a scan. This browser helps the users anonymous but can be used in a bad way since it hides the user. This could be a problem because some criminals could use the Tor browser to prevent detection from authorities. Other could use the browser to do illegal activities via Internet. It is a good application at the same time, it poses as a bad application.



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