This week we had our SOCIT week celebration where in we commemorate the SOCIT department of APC. Even though we didn’t had classes because of the SOCIT week, we had to go to some seminar that are related to our course. Luckily, most of the seminars are fascinating and they caught my attention. Many of our subjects urged us to explore the events happening in the APC grounds. There were quizzes and trivia games as well as classes where in they teach you lessons in coding. But enough of those events, I will now tell you the events that I was interested in. The first seminar was conducted by the cousin of my block mate. He explain forensic investigation which was exactly the subject that I’m interested in. I listened well to the speaker and found out there are many software and applications that could be use to conduct recon on a target and get all the needed and relevant information about that target. There was an application that could determine the information about the picture. When was it taken, what device did the photo taker use for the picture and etc., which means that there are a lot of data that exist in the photo. I only though before that you could only determine the time where the photo was taken but this program reads the metadata of the picture. It presents all the gathered data from the picture and my reaction is that I was shocked to learn that this kind of tool exist.


After that seminar, he held another seminar in the same venue. He was the speaker again but he introduced another subject and that is Website security. He said that there are many kinds of attacks on the users even through the use of Social Engineering. He display a MySQL intection format as well as explained the usage of such injection. Even though that the seminar where about the attacks being commenced by the user. This seminar was helpful to me because it contributed to my knowledge of computer security as well as in my investigation class. With the new knowledge I obtain by listening to the seminar, I can download tools that the speaker said and try out the functionalities available. I can explore more about INVESTI and COMSEC since the seminars that we’ve attended to expounded upon the teaching that I know will soon be discussed.



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