Entry # 3

Last week there was a holiday that’s the reason why we didn’t have class in INVESTI. (Aw so sad). But this week we had our INVESTI Class and we had a new lesson about Digital Evidence. Before discussing it I remembered last night that Adrian and I discussed something familiar about Digital Evidence 😛 that was about evidence in ‘general’ and the cases where in the suspects our found not guilty because of the mishandling of evidences. Adrian shared to me some articles about that which involve the mishandling of evidence. At first those lengthy article but as soon as I read the first paragraph I was shocked about the suspect going freely because of the amateur forensic done in the case.


Moving on, our topic yesterday was about evidence but in digital form. We’ve learned about what digital evidence is and how important is. Digital evidence is about any evidence which could convict the suspect of the crime but it has a unique definition and that is digital evidence is stored in a digital device or electronic. This includes log files, SMS messages, documents, MMS messages and email. They can contain information which will either prove that the person in question is involved in the crime or if he/she is innocent.



We had an exercise yesterday and it was about the cases involved in this book that Sir Investi recommended to read. It was Daemon by Daniel Suarez, and it involved murders and cases which was focused with digital evidence. We came up with our analysis and we got many digital evidences from the given chapters of the book. It was interesting and fun to read because when I read it, I imagined that I’m the investigator and I realized that this is the steps of conducting a proper investigation.


 Bye! 🙂 Thank you for reading!


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