Entry # 3

Last week Friday, we didn’t have our COMSEC class due to the extreme unpredictable weather that’s why classes were cancelled. Hay hahaha. But before that, we had a discussion last week Tuesday and it was about reconnaissance and foot printing. Basically, it was about data and information gathering about a specific target that you want to attack. Before the attack, one must should do foot printing so that the person could learn all the important things about the target. There were many ways to extract the needed information and Sir Comsec showed us the ways.


There was using Google hacks to find more information about the target. Google hacks was used in our earlier activity but it is a helpful hack since you can gather more information of the target through the use of one of the best search engine in the internet. Other tools are the websites that could give us information about the target’s location. It was Google Earth and Google Maps which gave us the location of the target’s house and other useful images of different location. That’s why try Google now!! 😛

But enough of promoting Google into your lives, we also had another set of tools and this were designed for a different target; a website. These tools were Netcraft, IPvoid, Who.is, and even command prompt ( Wow!!! :O ) we also had our activity about this topic but unfortunately the internet was slow and unresponsive (BEST. INTERNET. EVER, APC center of IT excellence HAHAHA ) that’s why we did the activity in our homes.


My groupmates and I were chatting so that we can help each other to finish the activity on time and we did it!! ( Yehey!!! Goal accomplished) I can say that this activity was interesting and was fun to do. It was filled with new boundaries and new terms that broaden our simplistic view of information extraction ( Miss Universe version of “Masaya gawin at may natutunan ako” HAHAHAHAHA) I am expecting more activities that could help use to learn more about the subject and security in whole. See you next time! YAHOO!!



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