this course has the prerequisite of the subject INFOSEC. INFOSEC is really a good subject, Sir Infosec has a lot of research papers thingy and his lesson was in his google drive that’s why our topics when you read it (kahit mahaba and madaming slides, mapapa read ka talaga). Because it was interesting and engaging at the same time. It was about different types of security and some of the lessons there were about situational based problem. For example, if a fire happened inside a room filled of computers and electric components, what type of fire extinguisher should be used so that none of the computers are affected or there is only minimal loss. Figuring out the solutions for those kind of problems are challenging and it trains us to know how to response to the problem with the best solution in mind.
This week we already had our ‘bunutan’ for our Research topic, and our leader, RJ Verano picked “Eavesdropping ”
I’m excited to work with my groupmates, because I found out that our topic is interesting that’s why I always love to search for articles or something that is related to our topic! 🙂 It’s interesting to read those kinds of articles because it gives us an idea what kind of solution should be implemented and it’s also added learning 🙂 we already passed the outline for our group, and I learned so much from the articles alone! Such as drone being able to intercept incoming messages and connections, the threat that exist in the usage of public wifi and many more! 🙂 It just goes to show you that lessons like these are one of the motivation to learn more 🙂

I also expecting this subject that Sir Comsec will give us many research papers and articles which will read to give us more knowledge about the lesson. Hihi 🙂 not only research papers, but his personal insights about the subject which helps us to understand the lesson easier. Sometimes the lessons maybe hard to understand but with my classmates help and with Sir Comsec’s effective teaching technique, I know that I can excel in this class and fulfill the objectives of this subject 🙂



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