Learning Log 6

Aw, this is my last blog for our INFOSEC Class 😥 so sad. Huhuhu. But before we make dramas (haha) let’s just talk about our last lesson and also our Final project. Hahaha these two topics was the most interesting idea that I will share to you! 🙂 Yay!

Well, honestly when we first discuss about Physical Security, I think that topic was boring huh. I don’t think that it’s an interesting one. Haha when the first slide of Sir Infosec’s ppt  viewed in class, and I found out that’s slide was interesting na kahit unang slide pa lang (Sir di ako nagbibiro hehe) That’s slide is about a car na nahulog sa may ginagawang kalsada ng sa unahang gate ng APC. Hahaha wow, when I think about a questions……. “why these things are important?, “why we need to study this kind of stuffs?” “pero interesting siya ah” “bakit nga ba kelangan?” Sobrang I’m so excited bakit nga ba these things are important. Well, as what I learn na kahit na okay yung network mo or the application security tools mo, the data are still on risk kapag di okay si physical. 😉 Grabe I just realized na sobrang importante rin pala neto.



Okay,  I will also share to you what was our Final Project all about. Today was our presentation of the project which is Snort and it is your simple Intrusion Detection system or IDS for short. What is an Intrusion Detection System you ask? It’s a tool that sniffs the traffic that is trying to connect to the network. It is placed right beside the firewall or behind the firewall because if it is placed in front of the firewall, it will sniff out and alert all the traffic that occurs. It can sniff out the traffic which the firewall didn’t detect and block. It is only an alert system, meaning that it only alerts the user or the admin, it has no capability of blocking the traffic that is ongoing. Its alert can be customized in the rules file which you can specify what protocol is to be the trigger for the alarm, what IP address and what port for the network, and what message should be displayed if the said alarm is triggered.

Our group present our topic well. I learned a lot on this subject but also I learned a lot with my group mates. I really want to speak in front of the class when we’re discussing the topic 😦 so sad but it’s okay. Our leader stated and discussed our project excellently!! Yay! (Neks nemen) I learned to study our topic on my own, and ask a help to my group mates if I didn’t understand what I’m doing, hahaha. Our friendship stay strong, though we’re only four and loner sa classroom everyday 😦 haha joke ♥ we’re happy naman!! hihi :*

Thanks for helping us to learn and understand the lessons well Sir Justin! Thanks din po sa patience na ginigive mo samin every day na kahit minsan we’re so maingay and makulit. This subject will be a great help for us!!!! YAY





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