Learning Log 5

Well, palapit na ng palapit ang pagtatapos ng klase at malapit ng malaman ang katotohan ng ating mga marka. 😛 Charot!! These two weeks, we have a lot of lessons discussed! Wooo! 🙂 Honestly, these is one of my most favorite discussion!!! I REALLY REALLY LIKE THESE LESSONS SO MUCH 🙂 Because I understand it very well!! WOW! Thank God for that!! (hehe)


We have so many topic discussed, but today I will just share you about what is my fave topic these past 2 weeks :))) that’s always in my mind (Huh?) It’s just that this topic is yung topic na kapag tinanong sayo or nakita mo somewhere or whatever you’ll just say na “Ay oo ayan yung……” :)))) Yay!!!

So many chikkas 😛 sorry. Now let’s start about what I learned…. Hehe. The Broadcast domain and Collision domain, well a broadcast domain is the number of all devices which will receive the broadcast packet while the collision domain is the number of chances that a collision may happen. Well, maybe you’re thinking what is the use of knowing these?! The importance if these is that the person can know how many occurrence of collision and broadcast domain happens in the network! 😉 Odiba!! Bongga! Hahahahaha.


The second topic that really understand in the lesson is that “What is a firewall? what is the importance of it? Ahuh:) A firewall is network that controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on a set of rules. And the importance of this is that, to prevent any un trusted connections from connection to the network. It is used to block most of the un trusted sites to keep the network safe from outside attack or any infiltration that may cause the network to be damage. With the use of firewalls, attack and sites with malicious intent from the internet are blocked so that the network will continue to function well. These firewalls act as a security for the designated network


Additionally, I enjoyed our recent activity which is Implementing Access Control and Local Security. Grabe!! In this acivity, Sir Infosec gave us the instruction on what and how we will do about it. The links, instruction and all. But its not that easy for me because, di lang talaga ikaw magpipipindot, but also kelangan mong matutunan ang lahat ng mga ginagawa mo for the sake na maayos at successful ang pag follow mo. Haha this activity is so awesome!! This will be a great additional knowledge for us to share with other and to learn things like this! Yay!!!! But take note na you need to LISTEN AND LISTEN AND LISTEN to your professor so that you will really understands the topics!!! YAY! =)

That’s all for today! Goodbye! 😉



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