Week 7 | 8 Learning Log

This is my entry for the week 7 and week 8 learning log our first week, week 7, we only learned a few things since it was College Week XD but i remembered some things that Sir Justin said. It was about Cryptography. In the week 7, it was briefly said but after College Week, it was discussed. Its about the art of securing messages, data, anything for unwanted eyes.


Basically speaking, its about protecting information by using techniques which are made specifically for hiding information. Its being used by companies, the military, any organization which doesn’t want anybody to see their information. There are many variations of techniques to hide that information. We have the RSA technique which uses two prime numbers that can be used to result into a public key and by using the public key, it will become a private key. These keys hold the power to encrypt data and to decrypt it.encryption

Before moving on to the next technique that i have learned, I was reminded of the two important things that can help to improve the encryption of the data. Its diffusion and confusion, and with those two, you can create an encryption which is hard to decrypt or to crack. Diffusion is when the plaintext is disperse and confusion is about randomizing the order so that decrypting the data will be much harder. Plaintext is the data which holds the information. It is used from the start to be encrypted and when you decrypt it, it results into the plaintext. I also learned that there is no unbreakable encryption and a public access encryption is much stronger than a private one because if the encryption code of the public access is cracked, it would be improved so that it won’t be cracked again.

The other encryption technique is the Diffie Hellman technique, which I think that its awesome, because eventhough some third party character is listening on your conversation with another person, you can still create a key by the end of the conversation without the third party character knowing it. Isn’t that awesome? Shocked

With this technique, the information is more secured because the hacker cannot get the keys, but it has a problem. Its about the authentication issue that sir mentioned, but its not really a problem because its just the third party character listening to the other end of the conversation, portraying as the other person. The people who started the conversation could just start all over again, creating another set of keys. Overall, I think that the discussion about cryptography really explained how things work in the encryption of data 🙂 Thanks for reading!! 🙂


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