Week 5 | 6

Waah! We’re here now! For me these weeks seems like very relaxing. Why? Because in our class time, you’re not forced to attend class because every group has designated time to report and it’s up to you if you want to listen or attend class. It seems like that there’s no activities to do… BUT these weeks are super duper INTENSE to the highest level. 😛Shocked

As what I’ve said earlier, there’s designated time to report your partial Machine Project and your Case Study about your group’s topic. These was really intense because our group pass our Case Study at 11:58pm I think. Because we’re really revising and revising and revising our paper. We’re not that confident to pass our case study saying “Ipasa na natin, Ayan na lang, Malalate na bahala na”. Our group is not like that. Haha that’s why muntik na kaming malate sa mismong time ng pasahan. Our group is really not a ‘perfect’ group. Because we really have mistakes, arguments all the time and sometimes were ‘tamad’ to finish our project 😛 But after all this time, we did our very best to present our case study!  Yay! Thank you Lord!


Well, we discuss about the Machine Project of our group just the partial. Migs talk about it and show what is to be discussed. Reporting in front of Sir Infosec was very nakakakaba even though he’s the only one watching 😛 haha all of the members of our group was discussed about every points that is ask in the criteria. Woooh! AJA! Our case study is about, driverless car. Honestly, I am not really familiar of this. Haha but these kinds of cars exist na pala. And I didn’t know about it 😦 Thank God to this Case Study 🙂 I learned a lot!! Well, we point out hacking in this study. And each of us, elaborate what is about this kinds of car.


After all this efforts and puyats, yay! We finished reporting!! Yay!! FINALS NA 🙂


The end…


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