Week 3 | Week 4

Well this week, we had a lot of activity and all of us are excited and doing are best on what we will share to them. We have a debate and each group has with different topics. You need to prove or defend your side!


In this part of Activity, I really had fun in defending our side 😛 Bwahahaha. We’re government side, and good for us because we have cooperation. We study our topic before the debate, and we talk about what we will going to do if we are on the opposition side or in the Government side. But first of all, our topic is about “Should Piracy for educational purposes be illegal?” We had a lot of conversation about what we will going to do, what will be our strong point to defend our topic, what are the best way to point out the things about the topic. Well, before the debate, our group discussed that if we were in the opposition side the reason that we will point out are:

1. Education is anyone’s right and it is free.

2. Budget issues in the Philippines especially on Public Schools.

3. Not available in the Philippines.

We also had our reasons /points if we will going to be in  the Government side.

1. NO ONE is  above the law.

2. Hurts the companies and hurts the people actually paying for it!

3. Risk of Dangerous Computer Viruses.

Yes that’s our point. Luckily, our side during the debate was Government, and we study our side before the fight. Huh? Fight daw? lol


One of my favorite topic in the discussion of some other group’s debate was the “China Censorship be implemented in the Philippines ” and the “”Cybersex with consent should be legal “. In the Chine Sensor ship,   I think that we shouldn’t follow the censorship like China because our freedom will get restricted and we will not have the freedom to access information to the sites that we want to go. Look at China, they can fabricate stories and articles or even news in the outside world since they control what the people can and cannot access. We should not follow the censorship ban like China, it would just limit our freedom and many will revolt against it!

And in Cybersex….. Cybersex even with consent still holds potential danger. It can be an industry and its a fact that you cannot get any sexual transmitted diseases from cybersex but legalizing it because the users have consent still holds potential dangers that can harm the users. Blackmail is a possibility where the user is blackmailed because of showing the user’s body to another user. He or she could record the ongoing live cam or take shots of the user who is involved. Next one is that anyone can listen and even watch the transaction of cybersex between two people just by hacking and connecting to their connection. Its a threat since the users are unaware that somebody else is watching. And the last threat is that when cybersex with content is legalize, some may abuse the law to some degree.


That’s all for this week. We’re moving on to the next part! Wohoooo!! Leggo! Let’s do this. AJA.





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